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Flexible Pillow Tanks

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Made with the highest quality materials 

Our flexible pillow tanks used for liquid storage such as water storage, are made with the highest quality materials.

​The design and execution of the Flexicisternas are made with the help of automatic machines that join the material by termofusion. Our flexible pillow tanks for liquid storage are an excellent solution for different corporate areas.

All the Flexicisternas have a lateral tap where the outlet key is connected with a threaded terminal to adapt any kind of connection or element that may be required.

Equally, on the top area, it has an additional connection with a double threaded outlet, for the filling and vent, where we can adapt at the same time any kinds of compatible elements.

Thanks to these properties, Flexicisternas are the best solution for the storage of water and other effluents without requiring building works or additional costs resulting from the building and installation as well as any previous building permissions required.

Furthermore, they are an economical and advantageous investment for storage and water reserves, as it has no water losses due to evaporation, nor can it be polluted by outdoor elements, (eliminating therefore the appearance of algae), and it can also be used for the storage of slurry or effluents, avoiding therefore contamination from the outside, as well as the risk of substances falling inside or the direct contact with its contents. 


Our flexible tanks are used for the storage of all kind of liquid products and efluents, covering needs in sectors such as agriculture, the industrial sector or services: 

  • Storage of liquid manures

  • Storage of brine and industrial water storage

  • Control and regulation of leachates and slurry.

  • Potable and pluvial water storage

Flexible Pillow tanks , flexicisterna, for water, slurry, brine storage

The uses of Flexicisternas

Because its ease of use and installation, the flexible pillow tanks, Flexicisternas, can be used as mobile deposits with the objective of placing them on different places according to the moment or the needs.

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Thanks to its properties, polyethylene, is a material with a long usable life span, much more superior than other waterproof materials. It is a very uniform material which does not require the addition of netting reinforcements to guarantee its resistance and durability. In addition it is authorised to be used for the storage of potable water and for the storage of any kinds of liquid. Furthermore, the product has a ten years guarantee.

We have different standardized sizes for different volumes and surfaces. Furthermore, we can make bespoke flexible pillow tanks for the volumes or sizes that our clients require.



 Economical and easy-to-do installation

No contamination

It avoids external contamination and it removes the risks of substances falling in  as well as direct contact with it

0 losses

 It avoids evaporation losses and algae appearance

Easy installation

It does not require building planning permissions for its construction or installation

 Sin Mantenimiento

It does not require maintenance once it is installed


10 years guarantee for the geo-membrane

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From five hundred (500) cubic meters,  we recommend making for you a reservoir with a floating cover


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