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Liquid Storage Specialists

Storage of farming and agricultural effluents

The rules for the farming and agriculture exploitations for the storage of viticulture effluents, slurry, white waters, farming muds etc.. are greater and greater . That is why from FlexiCisternas we propose an economic solution that is in addition of excellent quality.

FlexiCisternas is the best option as a storage system and for the control of the farming and agricultural efluents such as:

  • Viticulture effluents

  • Slurry

  • White waters

  • Farming muds

For the best optimazation of this waste and to protect the environment it is very importatn they are collected and stored in a professional way.

The waste assessment will always be prioritised Vs. its elimination. Therefore, the Water Laws demand the use of a storage system with a capacity to store waste for at least 3 months. That waste could be processed as a whole (compost, production of renewable energy or other systems) given to management centres, or even eliminated by spilling  (in the case the regulation allows this)

Citernas flexibles, depósitos flexibles, FlexiCisternas, para el almacenamiento de agua, agua para riego, abonos líquidos, purines
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