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Cisternas flexibles para el almacenamiento de liquidos como el agua, las aguas residuales, purines, lixiviados, etc.


Are you looking for a solution to store liquids?

Flexible pillow tanks are an easy, quick and affordable solution for storing all types of liquids (rain water,, waste, slurry, chemicals, etc.) without a building permit or building works. FlexiCisternas have engineered this solution with the input of the environmental professionals in order to meet the needs of all the industries and sectors we serve, including companies in agricultural sectors, ,the industrial sector, fire brigades and services Are you perhaps a company str

6 reasons why to invest in a FlexiCisternas rather than in a fixed water storage deposit

As we all know the water is a very valuable natural resource that we shouldn´t waste. Many of our clients contact us searching for an effective solution to utilize and recycle rain water and therefore they need a solution to store small and big liquid volumes. In many occasions, they contact us wanting to know what are the advantages of utilizing a FlexiCisternas Vs. other products in the market. Here we leave you the reasons why you should invest in a FlexiCisternas 1. Easy