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6 reasons why to invest in a FlexiCisternas rather than in a fixed water storage deposit

As we all know the water is a very valuable natural resource that we shouldn´t waste. Many of our clients contact us searching for an effective solution to utilize and recycle rain water and therefore they need a solution to store small and big liquid volumes.

In many occasions, they contact us wanting to know what are the advantages of utilizing a FlexiCisternas Vs. other products in the market. Here we leave you the reasons why you should invest in a FlexiCisternas

1. Easy installation

The flexible pillow tanks, Flexicisternas, are easily and quickly installed. They only need a flat land surface that is clean, stable and without cutting elements. In addition, once installed, they can be deployed as a definite or temporary measure, which means, you can move it to another place without issues later on, if you wished to do so. However, other products in the market require a fixed infrastructure such as a concrete esplanade or you may even need building permissions, adding therefore, extra costs to your investment as well as limited flexibility in your infrastructure.

2. No water losses

Our flexible pillow tanks provide with a solution for water storage, protecting it from its evaporation and pollution and garanteeing a totally closed storage. As it does not have any contact with the exterior, the appearance of algae will be avoided.

3. No maintenance

The flexible pillow tanks do not have any maintenance needs. In addition, as it is made in polyethylene, a superior material due to its durability and resistance, FlexiCisternas does have a long lifespam that will likely exceed to more than 10 years.

4. No pollution

The FlexiCisternas guarantee a totally closed storage, avoiding this way pollution to the outside, as well as the danger of elements falling inside or in direct contact with its contents.

5. Economical

Due to its easy installation, to its flexibility, its no maintenance nor its requirements for building permits and its long life spam, FlexiCisternas is an economical and competitive product, much more competitive than fixed tanks, especially so for big volumes.

6. Guarantee

In addition, FlexiCisternas does have a 10 year guarantee for the geomembrane.

Do you have other storage needs?

These are all the uses for FlexiCisternas

· Storage of liquid manures

· Storage of brine and industrial water storage

· Control and regulation of leachates and slurry.

· Potable and pluvial water storage

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