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Are you looking for a solution to store liquids?

Actualizado: 30 jul 2018

Flexible pillow tanks are an easy, quick and affordable solution for storing all types of liquids (rain water,, waste, slurry, chemicals, etc.) without a building permit or building works. FlexiCisternas have engineered this solution with the input of the environmental professionals in order to meet the needs of all the industries and sectors we serve, including companies in agricultural sectors, ,the industrial sector, fire brigades and services  

  • Are you perhaps a company struggling to find solutions for the storage of your liquid manures?

  • Are you perhaps a food company trying to build your infrastructure for the storage of brine and industrial water storage?

  • Are you a farmer trying to find solutions that meet the regulation of leachates and slurry?

  • Or are you simply trying to help the environment by utilizing pluvial water for home use by building and storing rain water while ensuring the water preserves all its qualities?

There are many advantages including economical ones for installing a Flexicisternas. We provide your company, business or exploitation with the solutions it requires to store high volumes of liquid. Get in contact with us and you will be able to confirm our serious commitment to your project

 (+34) 954 849 904 

FlexiCisterna, flexible pillow tank for water storage, for slurry storage, for liquid fertilizers storage, for brine storage.
Flexicisternas for water storage

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