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Watering solutions for small plots of land

Actualizado: 6 sept 2018

As any farmer knows, water is a factor that will determine whether you will have a good or bad harvest

Farmers are constantly searching for ways to optimize the watering of their plots especially so if the available water resources are limited. In addition to the shortage of water, the increasing energetic costs associated from the irrigation are considerable. Therefore, it is necessary to deploy all the available tools to increase your investment. AND FLEXICISTERNAS IS THAT TOOL!

If your well does not provide enough water to supply the crop demands, the water can be extracted and can be deposited in a flexible pillow tank, Flexicisterna, and the tank will distribute the water to your exploitation with the flow it requires in every moment, these are especially useful for places where it is difficult to access and for wells with little flow.

And as the English saying goes; you don´t miss our water till the well runs dry!

Call us today to get the solution your harvest requires!

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