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Do you need to store big amounts of water or liquid?

Then FlexiCisternas is exactly what you are looking for! But what are they? Then keep on reading!!!

FlexiCisternas are flexible pillow tanks for the storage of water and liquids,that provide a temporary or long-term solution for liquids storage, such as water, potable water, waste water, slurry, leachates, brines , liquid fertilizers, etc. They are an economical solution, a quick redeemable expense that is easy to install, since we bring your solution already packaged and ready to install, without the need for building permits or other infrastructures.

Our flexible pillow tanks, FlexiCisternas, are manufactured with automatic machines, joining the material by thermofusion, which provides an excellent solution in different business areas such as for:

• Agriculture and Farming

  1. Storage of liquid fertilizers

  2. Purines

  3. For rainwater storage and for irrigation

  4. Agricultural effluents

• Industrial Sector

  1. Brine storage

  2. Storage of industrial waters

  3. Flexible fire-fighting tanks

  4. Leachates

  5. Chemical products

Works and buildings

  1. Reserve against fires

  2. Reserves of potable water

  3. Insulation of residual liquids

  4. Ballasting system

Domestic use

  1. Collection and storage of rainwater

  2. Reservation of potable water

  3. Flexible fire-fighting tanks

At FlexiCisternas we are leaders in the storage of liquid products in flexible pillow tanks or bladder tanks. In addition, we are the first manufacturer in Spain who has international experience selling flexible tanks made of polyethylene, a material with a long lifespan, much higher than other materials on the market. Our variety of solutions, the quality of our manufacturing processes and the experience of our staff give our clients and additional guarantee that they will get a solution that will meet their needs and it will ensure total satisfaction.

Want to know more?

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