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Solutions for the storage of liquid fertilizers

Nowadays, we use an intensive farming in which the land does not have rest as we are constantly cultivating. This lack of rest is translated in the inability of the plot of land of renovating the lost nutrients quickly enough. And that is why from an agronomic point of view, the fertilizers and fitosanitary products are the help needed to be able to continue harvesting.

Many farmers prefer using liquid fertilizers due to the benefits of being able to introduce the necessary nutrients in the water and that way being able to have a good and abundant harvest. But as with any fertilizer, its storage is something you can never be careful enough, as the spill of big quantities of fertilizers can contaminate. That is why there have been many new and different regulations for the protection of the environment and the requirement of adaptations of the farming systems to these regulations. The Flexible pillow tanks, Flexicisternas, offer to farmers a solution for storing liquid fertilizers helping them optimize their production with additional guarantees;

  • Without the deterioration of the fertilizers

  • Keeping the quality of the liquid stored

  • Without losses due to evaporation

  • Low cost solution without maintenance

  • Without infraestructure: It is only needed a levelled area free of sharp objects. In addition, we recommend to put a water-proofed retention system such as a ditch surrounded by a slope or a retaining wall, if this is required according to the regulation in your country

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