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Organic Liquid Fertilizers and FlexiCisternas

Conveniently treated, slurry is a source of biological methane that can provide important economic performance for a farm. In addition it can reduce the greenhouse effect emissions.

An organic liquid fertilizer is achieved from the decomposition of organic materials, such as animal slurry, green plants, fruits, (among others), due to the absence of oxygen. It is very fertile, ecologically and economically profitable. It contains nutriets that are easily assimilated by the plants; making them more vigerous and resistant. The tecnique employed to obtain this liquid fertilizer is through a bio-digester.

FlexiCisternas is a Spanish manufacturer of bio-tanks made of 1,5 mm thick polyethylene sheets. The selection of materials has been thought through in order to provide to the FlexiCisternas tank a long life-span, in typically hard farming conditions.

The bio-tank is of easy operation and maintenance. The keeping is easy and fast with little regular maintenance.

Call us today in order to invest in a short and longer term effective solution for your farming business.

In addition, FlexiCisternas support farmers providing them with tanks to solve other issues such as:

- For potable and rain water storage

- For liquid fertilizers storage

- For lixiviates, slurry and brines storage

- As a bio digester of slurry and dung.

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Biodigester Flexicisternas - Organic liquid fertilizer

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